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BCF Records Sampler Album
We have teamed up with local bands in the Portland, and Corvallis, OR area, to create a free sampler album, available now!
BCF Records Sampler Album
(This is where you will find rock band or singer/songwriter based music: Metal, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative, Acoustic, etc.)


Leland Holden

Alternative Rock and Acoustic artist from Corvallis, OR.

Separating the Seas

Metal band from Bend, OR.

Against the Raging Tide

Metal Band from Newport, OR.

Run the Risk

Alternative Rock band from Corvallis, OR.

Lobo Ruins

Alternative Rock and Rock and Roll artist from Corvallis, OR.


Metal band from Corvallis, OR.

Rock and Roll band from Portland, OR.

The Macks
When Empires Fall

Metal band from Portland, OR.



(This is where you will find electronic based music: EDM, Rap, Hip hop, etc.)

Electronic artist from Corvallis, OR.

Burning Cheese Fist

Electronic artist from Corvallis, OR.

Punk Blunt

Rap artist from Portland, OR.

BCF Promo Picture.jpg
Chris Gruchacz

Composer and Sound Designer from Olympia, WA.

bcf pic.png
Anatomy House

Electronic artist.

(All artists are free of contractual obligations, aside from those set out in commercial licensing agreements, and retain full rights of their music)
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