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Whether you are a bedroom producer, or you visit a professional studio for each release, does your sound stand up to other professional productions in your genre?


You can have the best sounding tracks in the world, but if you do not have a solid marketing plan, no one will know!


You have all the plans in place, budgeting for each step of the process is made, and everything is ready to execute. Now you just have to do it and keep consistent!

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With our publishing company under BMI, we'll get your newly released songs registered so every time you play them live you can get paid for songwriting royalties!

Goal Setting

One takeaway from the program will be effective goalsetting, so you can keep productive in the future! We'll help you focus on what matters, and not get dragged down by what doesn't.

Project Management

On our coaching platform, we will organize tasks and timelines together, so we always know what's next up. Whether you're a solo artist, or have a whole band, everyone will have one place to go to see the project progress.


We'll take care of digital distribution so you don't have to! Once we make sure your tracks are mastered and ready to send out, we'll get them up on all major platforms permanently.


Over the course of 3 months, we'll join you for 6 mentor video calls. These will be where we update on progress, reassess new objectives, and make sure the rollout will run smoothly!

Production Feedback

Music is subjective. That means so is the feedback you hear on yours! It's always good to not be discouraged, and take feedback with a grain of salt. That being said, let's figure out together if your production is on par with your vision and other professional productions!

These are all great ways to grow, but how do we get there? Playing to empty rooms, totaling 5 streams on our new song, and being put down by that one guy on the internet have us feeling demoralized and unproductive.

Success looks different for every artist. Maybe your success is touring the world. Maybe it's playing gigs with your friends every Friday night. Maybe it's financial success, so you can keep making the music you love! Here are some things we like to pay attention to in artistry:

At BCF Records, we like to work on a priority system with the core elements from Mind, to Relationships, to Growth. Without the proper mindset, building the strong relationships you need in the music industry will be hard. Without proper relationships, growing your community and artistry will be hard.


I'm Leland, the owner here at BCF Records, and I would love to help you make your next release the best one yet.


I work with the amazing James Cross at Bandhive, who is knocking it out of the park for DIY artists looking to tour.

My knowledge of production and songwriting has grown massively, partnering with James in approving submissions for RMP Magazine, finding the best of the best for coverage.

From starting a band in high school, to graduating with a degree in music production, to running this label, I've always been looking for ways to help artists like myself. Scroll down to learn more about our new mentor program for your next release rollout!

Our Release Rollout program is a goal setting exercise where we'll meet up one on one over the course of 3 months to help workshop, plan, and release your music. Here are some of the included perks for the program!

Sign up below for a free 15 minute goal setting call to see if you or your band would be a good fit for the Release Rollout program!

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