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BCF Records Winter Sampler Album

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

This has taken a while to organize, but I have been looking to make a seasonal sampler CD to promote local artists around the Portland, and Corvallis, Oregon area. The main premise behind this venture is to create compilation of content from these artists, being one song each, and deliver this to fans at various events for discovery. The album and CD, we will be handing out completely free for the sole purpose of promotion. The focus this time through is on band oriented music in the genres of metal, alternative, and punk rock. Having this album and these CD prints free to the fans, means that I will be asking for $10-15 from artists to have their song on the album.

If you are in a band that wants to join in on the album or know of local bands that would be interested, send an email to

If you are a fan and want to help support this cause (Make it cheaper for the bands and allow for more physical CD printing,) contact the email above for info on how to help out! For any contributions, we will make sure to get you one of the CDs after they have been printed. Thanks!

Sincerely, Leland Holden

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