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Do you remember that time in high school when you and your friends all decided to start a band?

That was a life changing moment, right? Suddenly, you knew that you were destined to create music and share it with the world. You knew music was the rock that you could turn to. You knew that doing music full-time was the dream.

But here's the thing...


Making music is only half the battle.


"How do you promote your music?"


"How do you sell it?"


"How do you build your brand without feeling like a sleazy salesman?"


I asked all these same questions when I was starting out in the music industry. I thought even if I could sell my music, do I really need money? The passion of songwriting and performing should be enough, right?

And the answer is yes...

To a point.

But if you want to grow as an artist, reach as many people as possible, and build a long lasting career, you need to meld the two titans, music and business.

Music business isn't all about making a quick buck or taking advantage of people. It's about building a sustainable future in music, one that rewards your fans for their support, and allows you to live the life you want. Profit isn't greed, it's an essential tool for growth.

We believe in a strong mindset, healthy relationships, and the eternal willingness to grow at BCF Records. When you focus on giving to your fans and building a community, they will want to help your career flourish.

We won't make you sign any long contracts, swoop the rights to your music, or take a percentage from every revenue stream you have. We're just here to help you find your own sustainable future in music, wherever it may lead you.

If you want to work with a label For The Artists, that embraces your independence rather than sacrificing it, consider applying for our release rollout program!


Leland Holden

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