Leland Holden

Owner at BCF Records.

I'm Leland, the owner here at BCF Records.
With a background in music production, artistry, and label management, I hope to help you figure out what the next step is to progress your music business!



“Let’s start a band!” The words that you hear as a highschooler, not interested in many other things up until this point. Once assuming the identity of a musician, the passion never stops! The introduction to creativity, an outlet from personal struggles, and the fellowship of your closest bandmates and friends is something that sticks with you forever. While writing music from the heart as a highschooler may come as a no brainer, what about business tactics, promotion, and sales? These things don’t come as easy, and they even seem sleazy or dishonest to top it off. I’m here to tell you that business isn’t an evil ploy to make more money than you need and start looking down on everyone. Business visions are diverse and take many forms. Build your music business the way that you want, rewarding fans who are essential in helping you grow!
Since first hearing those words “let’s start a band!” I’ve grown leaps and bounds as a musician, audio engineer, and label owner. Why have I gained so much knowledge since then? I’ll tell you right now, I didn’t pull it from my own ego and 100% success.


Community is EVERYTHING in music, and I’m blessed to have met many like-minded artists in my time studying music production at Oregon State University. Post-graduation, I’ve learned that there’s a time for sticking with the plan, and there’s a time for blazing your own trail to success. With excellent friends and mentor figures James Cross at Bandhive and David Ryan Olson at Evergreen Records, I’ve learned that profit in your business doesn’t have to be greedy. Profit allows you to invest in your fans. Profit builds a sustainable future in music. Profit offers you and your loved ones a life you want to live. To grow in the music industry, profit isn’t greed, failure is your best friend, and the abundance mindset should be the core of your being.

Now that I’ve told you “yeah get out there and start failing at stuff and making money!” You might be thinking “but why the hell is this a record label?”


BCF Records was built by the artists for the artists. Just like a traditional record label, we are knowledgeable in release strategies, contracts, publishing, distribution, and management. 

What makes us different:

•    We embrace your independence as an artist! 
•    No “signing” lengthy contracts.
•    No giving up rights to music.
•    No 360 deals, trying to secure percentages of every revenue stream you have.
•    You’re your own hero! We’re just here to provide guidance and avenues to pursue.

Each artist has a different definition of success, a different set of values, and a different way to pursue and achieve those goals. The first step is figuring out your specific needs as an artist. Reviewing your production, marketing, and accountability, let’s get your compass pointing in the right direction!



Leland Holden